Thank you all!

The “Reseau Entreprendre”is made up of business leaders who are responsible for assisting entrepreneurs in the success of their project. AddBike has entered this since March 2016 and benefits from monthly personalised support from a business leader of the Rhone network.

Ronalpia promotes the emergence of sustainable social and environmental enterprises that have a high impact in the Rhône-Alpes region. Ronalpia are helping AddBike in its development every day through networking, training and creating strong links with professionals in entrepreneurship.

PULSALYS combines the skills of Lyon Science Transfert and CREALYS and implements an optimization of the innovation strategy that guarantees complete support for AddBike.

The design and manufacture of the first two AddBike prototypes was completed at the Technical Centre of Innovation, MECA3D, at INSA. This partnership will continue until the industrialization of the product.

BPI FRANCE: AddBike was awarded the ‘Bourse French Tech’ from BPI (Public Investment Bank). This allows us to finance part of the design services and the first marketing studies.

Inovizi mission is to support and enhance the prospects of future and young innovative companies in the Rhône Alpes region. AddBike received financial support for product design studies.

AddBike won the call for projects on “Transport and Mobility Systems” launched by ADEME. The submitted project is called Addicyclette and aims to develop and test the AddBike system in the Rhône Alpes region.

As part of a skills sponsorship, LAFARGE guide us in standardizing safety and design.

CGPME for start-up encourages synergies between businesses of all sizes and in all areas of the Rhône-Alpes region. This pooling allows established ‘PME’s’ to draw inspiration from innovative start-up capital and in return, for start-ups to be supported by experienced entrepreneurs.