Addicyclette experimentation UK

Addicyclette, what is that?

Addicyclette is an experimentation of the AddBike, through the loan of 50 models of a first version. These are shared between Lyon, Grenoble and Chambéry, with 12 local partners and supported by ADEME Rhône-Alpes through an appeal for projects.

Addicyclette is for whom?

Throughout this six-month journey, AddBike and their various modules will be made available to professionals and consumers. The experimentation will be completed through long term testing and spot tests.

Addicyclette, what is it for?

The Addicyclette experiment is structured around three main objectives:

  • Using several field returns over a short period of time to participate in improving and finalizing the AddBike before marketing.
  • Demonstrating why AddBike is a credible alternative to commuting each day by measuring the impact on travel patterns.
  • Allowing the AddBike to adapt better to its environment, by completing urban or industrial testing in many situations.

Addicyclette is when?

The Addicyclette project begins with an experiment from mid-May 2016. The results, fueled by numerous qualitative and quantitative surveys from testers and partners, will be publicly presented at the end of the program.