Bike transportation

Do you need to transport your goods or your children ?

Transform your bike into a cargobike !

     transform your bike into a cargobikedifferent containers to transport on bike

The AddBike concept


cheap cargobike for kids



We have developed a unique and patented tilting-wheels system whichprovides both reactivity and agility. By replacing the front wheel of your bicycle by the AddBike, you get a handy and compact cargo bike in just a few minutes!






On top of the AddBike you can add dedicated add-ons that meet your specific needs : carrying children, loads, groceries…

Everyone can find their own way to use the AddBike for their urban mobility!


The AddBike cargobike : the main points


Transformation in less than 5 min


A unique support for every uses


Fluidity and comfort


Hydraulic disc brake


Ideal in an urban environment


Carry up to 35kg


What are the features of this pendulum system ? ?


Handling ?

The AddBike transforms your bike into a cargobike, while changing the biking experience. Indeed, you can carry weight with reactivity and fluidity. However, to be comfortable with this product, there is a necessary “pick up phase”. This adaptation can take up to minutes or several hours.

Balance ?

With the AddBike’s tilting system, turning several direction is as easy as doing it with a normal bike. The handling is actually notable because of the “pendulum system” however, the AddBike hasn’t been created to answer a balance need. You need to be able to ride a traditionnal bike to handle the AddBike.

Compatibility ?

The advantage with this accessory is how universal it is! The AddBike can adapt to a lot of different kind of bikes. However, there are some exceptions and we ranked them in a document. You can download the file « AddBike compatibility » just below.

Download the document


If you have any other questions about the AddBike’s features, don’t hesitate to contact us or to directly go in one of our dealers to try it.