Carry a child

A child in a cargobike : Discover the Carry’Box Kid


Transporter son enfant en triporteur
hamac pour le triporteur AddBike

The Carry’Box Kid is one of the 3 complementary modules of the AddBike. It is dedicated to carry a child on the AddBike (from 2 years old and up to 1,2m / 35kg).

This was created to make the urban daily journeys with your child easier, safe and comfortable.

In association with a traditionnal child seat behind your bike, it’s a nice solution for parents with children who want to keep using their bike for their daily journeys.



The main points of the child container: Carry’Box Kid


With the hammock, the seat is suspended and it restricts the amount of vibrations the child can feel during the journey.

In addition to being in a hammock, the child is protected with a 3 point harness.

The Carry’Box Kid doesnt make the AddBike width larger. The whole package still measures 70 cm wide and can pass easily through normalized doors.

The fabric of the Carry’Box Kid brings a protection against a moderate rain and is resistant against UV lights. The folding cover protects the child from the insects and dust.


Know-it-all about the Carry’Box Kid


Main technical features
– Suitable for children from 2 years old to 1m20 & 35kg
– Suspended seat with a hammock
– 3 points harness
– Resistant textile against UV lights
– Lateral reflectors
– Painted steel structure
– Dimension : (LxWxH) 55 x 48 x 70cm
– Weight : 4kg

Transporter son enfant à vélo avec le concept AddBIke


Move and transport your child in town


triporteur pour enfant

With the AddBike and its Carry’Box Kid container, you can transport your child more easily. Its compactness allows you to move easily in the urban area while using the traditionnal bicycle installations.

The biker can enjoy the ride with the AddBike thanks to its maneuverability and tilted wheel system. The fact that the child is poised at the front of the bike, allows to the biker to keep an eye on the kid and to easily interact during the journey.

The kid can appreciate the journey too: the unique pendulum pentended system, developped by AddBike, the seat is staying parrallel to the ground : during a turn, the kid is staying straight. Moreover, the hammock with its 3 points harness allows to absorb the possible shocks. (walkways, gravel, paved roads…etc).

In addition to the kid transport, this container can be used for other uses: groceries, boxes or even an outing with your pet !


Other specific uses

Transport chien bulldog à vélotransport chien en triporteur AddBike



The Carry’Box Kid has been created to transport a child but this container is already subject to another use that is: carrying dogs ! A bulldog named Jenko has tested it in Niort along with the staffy Kouma too in Lyon !