Carry your stuff

Carry easily your parcels, objects and stuff in town : Discover the Carry’Box


The Carry’Box was created to transport your items easier. The box is designed to be fixed on the AddBike with its metal structure and its textile sleeve.

The container allows you to carry a volume up to 110 liters for 35kg. This module is the largest among the 3 AddBike containers. It makes it the ideal solution to carry bulky items or big groceries.



Moving with the Carry’Box, the essential to know


The box has a folding cover which protects your items from bad weather and dust.

The textile is water-repellent and is resistant to moderate and heavy rain. The cover keeps everything dry during your journey.

With its 110L storage capacity, the Carry’Box makes your item transportation easy, quick, and enjoyable.

The Carry’Box is fixed on the AddBike ; its transport capacity in terms of weight is still the same. In that way, you can ride your bike with an AddBike loaded up to 35kg.



More details about the Carry’Box


Main technical features
– Big load capacity (110 L & 35 kg)
– Strengthened textile and waterproof
– Movable top cover
– Steel pipe structure
– Quick textile’s fixation with velcro tapes
– Dimension (WxLxH) = 50 x 45 x 60cm
– Weight : 3kg

Transporter charges et colis à vélo avec AddBike



Comfy urban journeys


AddBike triporteur transport vélo facile pas cher module box charge virage descente


Some moves in town can be hard to organise when you need to transport tools, parcels, or groceries home :

  • Taking the car : Where can you park it ?
  • Going on foot : Can you carry your loads with your arms ?
  • Taking a bike with a wagon : Where can you leave it ?

The Carry’Box is solving these kind of constraints and provides a nice alternative to private and professionnal people who wish to save time in urban zone.

Coupled with an electric bike, the AddBike and the Carry’Box become the favorite mean of transport to the professionals who choose to move differently : the artisans, the delivers, and other liberal professions.



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