Go shopping on a bike

Getting groceries on a bike : Discover the Carry’Shop


Faire ses courses à vélo


Getting groceries on bike is possible and the Carry’Shop has been created for this use, particularity with this container is its possibility to use with and without the AddBike. You can fix it on the AddBike and also detach it and take it with you while you are getting groceries. You can notice a nice advantage in term of time gain. Indeed, you can take it off of the AddBike in 20 seconds. The fixation is based on an interlocking system between the trolley and an adapted metal structure. Then, the Carry’Shop is simply fixed with velcro tapes on the AddBike back.


Carry easily your groceries with the Carry’Shop


The AddBike trolley can carry a volume up to 44 liters. A perfect contenair to transport your daily groceries.

With the metal fixing brackets and the velcro tapes, you just need 20 seconds to fix the Carry’Shop on the AddBike.

This container can follow you while you move on bike or foot. Conveninent and comfortable, it allows you to avoid the loading and unloading process.


The Carry’Shop in some points


The main technical features

– Fixation on the AddBike with the furnished items
– Metal fixing brackets to fix on the AddBike base
– Velcro tapes to fix it on the AddBike
– Useable without the AddBike to go into the store
– 2 pockets : inside and outside
– 44 liters capacity
– Trolley handle retractable
– Maximum weight : 20 kg
– Dimension : 39cm between the wheels / Height : 103cm
– Weight : 2.7kg


Getting groceries with your bike in town


Taking your bike to go get some groceries is valuable for the convenient stores and also for the environment. With its 44 L storage capacity, the Carry’Shop can be useful in your daily groceries shopping without taking your car. It provides a time gain and allows you to reduce the duration of your journeys between work, stores, and home.

This container has it own wheels and can be independently used. This is easy and quick to fix, it makes a perfect solution in several occasions : markets, convenient stores, greengrocer….etc