Urban cargo bike

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Transform your bike into a cargo bike : our concept


The AddBike is a double-tilting wheel structure that replaces the front wheel of your conventional bicycle and transforms it into a cargo bike in a quick and reversible manner. On top of the AddBike, it is possible to attach specific containers adapted to different needs of transportation. This allows you to use your bike as way to carry objects and more.

Transportation with your bike

Carry a child

Carry parcels or loads

Carry your groceries

Where can you find the AddBike and its containers ?


The AddBike and its associated products can be found at our partners’ stores. Be it for a professional or a personal use, make of your bicycle your daily means of transportation thanks to our adapted containers : Carry’Box Kid, Carry’Box and Carry’Shop.


You can test and try our products at our dealers’ stores


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AddBike presentation

The purpose of the following video is to present the concept of AddBike which was created in 2015. The products displayed in the video are prototype versions of the AddBike. They are therefore different in looks and functions from the definite products which are currently commercialized.

If you are looking for more detailed information of our products, don’t hesitate to write to us by using the “Contact Us” box at the bottom-right of each page of our website. We would be happy to provide you with all the requested information!